Memorable Gift Ideas for Mom

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We’re thankful that many of you come to Gill’s to look for special gifts – we want to help you find something memorable for Mom! Here are a few ideas. Happy Mother’s Day!

1. Give Mom Butterflies!

You don’t have to go out and catch them – just get Mom a few plants that butterflies love (Butterfly Weed, Henry Duelberg Salvia, Mistflower) and they’ll arrive very soon. 

2. The Garden Book

A comprehensive guide to gardening in Corpus Christi and South Texas. Great for Moms at any gardening level. 

3. A Hanging Basket of Flowers

Quick, easy, simple, and BEAUTIFUL!

4. Let Mom Decide

When in doubt, a gift card is great. We always have gift cards at the register or give us a call to order with a nice gift envelope for Mom.

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