Mona Lavender…Not the True Lavender

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When most people think of Lavender, they are thinking of true Lavender from the Lavendula genus, which is known for its wonderful fragrance. Mona Lavender is an annual plant from the Plectranthus genus that thrives during fall into spring. Though it does not have that wonderful smell, it would be safe to say that it is rich with color, whether you’re enjoying its abundant lavender-purple blooms or its dark green leaves with a purple underside.  It reaches a height of around 2ft and is equally wide. Whether you grow it in a pot or plant it in the ground, it will add a nice accent of color to your garden!

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5 Comments on “Mona Lavender…Not the True Lavender”

  1. broken up pieces of dry egg shells, coffee grind, copper tape to make a border around your plants, Slugo Plus (organic products that kills slugs and otehr bugs too)

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