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New Organic Potting Soil for 2019!


We are now pleased to offer Nature’s Creation Organic Potting Soil with Mycorrhizal Fungi for our 2019 garden season!  

Some of our good friends in the green industry, Mr. Bob Webster, KTSA South Texas Gardening Show host & garden center owner in San Antonio along with his business partner Ms. Roberta Churchin were instrumental in the formulation of this potting soil.

Nature’s Creation readily absorbs water and holds moisture without becoming saturated. The soil dries evenly which all but eliminates fungus gnats and mold. It contains no peat moss but is a blend of weed-free and naturally sterilized compost plus coco fiber which resists clumping and adds porosity. In addition, the blend includes pecan mulch, perlite, mushroom compost, molasses, and native recycled biomass. Finally, Mycorrhizal Fungi is added to the mix to benefit your plants by increasing drought tolerance, water and nutrient uptake, and disease resistance.

This potting soil is more biologically active and will make your plants happy!


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  1. Eden says

    I liked the first photo of this blog! I also loved the components of this new organic soil. Hope it sells!

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