New Product Alert! Burn Out Weed Killer

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This stuff works! We tried it out last week on a patch of weeds here in the nursery in a side by side comparison with 20% Vinegar. Within about 5 minutes (I kid you not!) the weeds started drooping. They were dead within an hour. It was amazing! I was floored by its effects. Not only did all the weeds die (even tough ones like spurge, sedge, plantain and horse herb), but they stayed dead. The Vinegar made the weeds droop, but within 3 days they were back with a vengeance. Burn Out is made of clove oil and citric acid, so it smells great and is pet and people friendly. It kills the root without translocating to other plants, making it perfect for veggie gardens! We really like it, so we got a concentrate and a ready-to-use spray. We think this is a winner!


2 Comments on “New Product Alert! Burn Out Weed Killer”

  1. Donna, the BurnOut is concentrated plant oils, and will burn whatever you get it on, including your eyes, so be careful. But unlike RoundUp, if you get some on a shrub you intend to keep, it will cause some burn spots and maybe knock off a few leaves and the shrub will just keep growing, whereas RoundUp will systemically damage or kill the shrub if it gets on the leaves. So yes, I recommend using it around flowers and other desirable plants, but direct spray carefully or use a sheet of cardboard or such to shield other plants and thereby limit any cosmetic damage.

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