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No Sun Needed for Instant Feel Good in the Garden!


As the spring equinox arrives, I’m wondering if Mr. Sunshine is ever coming back from his southern hemisphere vacation? Well, there’s no time to wait for the sun; I’m making hay without it! So, I’ve started pulling up the winter garden and sharing our final harvest. 

The cool cloudy days make working in the yard wonderful! The plants are happy, the pets are frisky, and I’m not having a heat stroke in March. Gardening is an instant boost to the gloomy moods of cloudy days. Tons of research supports those words, but still the best is to get out and “see for yourself”.

Here’s some tips for instant “feel goods” in your garden. No sun needed!

Plant Some Color!

Spring flowers make me smile and my soil has not been too wet to plant. I’m adding color to my pots with new flowers and coleus. We have a new potting mix at Gill’s called Premium Potting Mix. It’s made by Back to Nature and I can’t wait to try it! Every plant’s getting a dose of Hasta Gro plant food.


Trimming off damaged branches and ugly foliage is helping my plants and me. I’m getting a great workout and they’ll be healthier with the spring flush of new growth.

Pulling weeds in our courtyard gets me face to face with my dogs; always a happy place!

Plant Tomatoes & Spring Veggies

The cool and clouds have prolonged tomato planting time. I’ll be putting in mine this coming weekend, rain permitting…LOL. I’m planning for peppers, squash, tomatillos, basil, maybe cucumbers, and eggplant. The cool cloudy days are keeping the bugs at bay too! At least so far…can I get an Amen?

Mulch It

Fresh mulch around your trees and flower beds makes everything look really good…really! I love hardwood mulch and pine straw. It’s a matter of taste; black, red, cypress, cedar, rock…they’re all available at Gills.

Bring It In!

If the weather just won’t let you get outside, there’s always something for your indoors. For instance, I did this air bromeliad project last weekend while it was raining. I bought a piece of our new driftwood, several tillandsias, a bag of royal pool moss from the nursery; dug out my old glue gun and had a blast putting this all together! 

Happy Gardening Anytime! Rain or Shine!


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  1. Robin says

    Oh how I long for home and spring time right now! It’s good to see spring come somewhere! It’s taking it’sweet time arriving in Wisconsin! Thank you for your “beau-ti-ful”, (as they say up here), greenery and flower photos/advice!! …and they make fun of MY accent!! LOL!! 😉 I love’em though! 😉

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