Oak Tree Caterpillars (October, 2017)

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Oak Tree Caterpillars

Be on the look-out for oak tree caterpillars in your oak trees. They cluster together in large groups feeding on the leaves of your trees or you may notice poop under your tree (on your patio or walk.) They can be killed with Thuricide sprayed onto the leaves or with Spinosad. If your trees are too large to spray or you just don’t want to, they will not kill your trees. The tree will leaf back out in the Spring.  I have had customers say that early in the mornings they could hear them chewing the hard oak leaves. Crunch, Crunch, Crunch!



16 Comments on “Oak Tree Caterpillars (October, 2017)”

  1. Last year my Oak trees were infested for the first time since two years ago when I moved in my house. There were yellow cocoons everywhere! They attached everywhere under the eaves, on the brick, on garbage cans, on my pots, etc. I mean everywhere!! They look disgusting. How can I prevent that from occurring this year again.

  2. Check for caterpillars and if they are present, spray with Spinosad. Thuricide will stop them from feeding, but if they are finished feeding and are migrating looking for a place to spin a cocoon the Spinosad will kill them.

  3. My oak tree is 30 ft tall with droppings all over my patio…can’t see catapillars but leaves are being stripped..what can Ii do? Too tall to spray?Please advise…we are 80 yrs old on top of that lol

    1. Your two options, hire someone with equipment to spray, or sit tight and try not to worry. The oaks have co-evolved with caterpillars, and can withstand being denuded. Its not pretty, but it is not a danger to the tree.

    1. No telling, it could be a once and over, or a rainfall event at the right time could cause a second egg laying and re emergence. Typically lasts a few weeks.

  4. How lo g will the Caterpillar infestation last myctrees are tattoo yall to spray how to kill them

  5. Just sprayed thuricide on all my oak trees for caterpillars. They r everywhere. How long I’ll it take to kill them. First used dawn soap with water and it killed them but next day back. Then sprayed with thuricide. Anything else I need to do. Everywhere. Please help

    1. Thuricide is the safest product to apply while caterpillars are feeding. They will stop feeding soon after ingesting. It will not harm you, or lizards, or birds that may feed on the caterpillars. But once the caterpillars have finished feeding and are moving to a sheltered spot to build their cocoon, Thuricide is not effective, as they must eat it. We have several pythroids that are appropriate for spraying walls, overhangs, tables and chairs, pots, etc to kill the migrating caterpillars.

  6. The droppings are disgusting and if it rains on them they stain my patio! I blow my patio off several times a day to keep the droppings under control. The caterpillars are dropping on the patio also, every morning my patio is full of those disgusting worms!!! how long do they last??

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