Organic Gardening 101: Got Weeds?

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Here is a couple of natural products to kill those weeds without using pesticides. Try Vinegar to kill those unwanted weeds in flowerbeds and cracks of the sidewalk or driveway. The vinegar at the grocery store is usually 5%. You will need 20% vinegar (acetic acid ) to kill weeds effectively. We carry Natures Guide 20% Vinegar Weed Control in a Ready to Use spray bottle and also by the gallon. It is applied undiluted to unwanted weeds in flowerbeds and vegetable gardens. It can also be used in the lawn for weed control, but remember it is non-selective therefore it kills everything, including your lawn grass. For waxy leaves you may want to add a squirt of dish soap as a surfactant to help it stick to the leaf surface. Give it several days to work and all the weeds are dead. We also carry Molasses. Did you know molasses controls nutsedge? Drench problem spots with Liquid Horticultural Molasses at ¼ to ½ cup per gallon of water. Start with about a gallon of drench per 9-10 sq. ft. This simple technique fires up the microbes in the soil and the nutsedge simply fades away. It takes a while to work and requires at least 2-3 applications. As deannaopposed to toxic chemicals, it makes the soil healthier with every application. It also stops the development of the nodes or nutlets underground


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