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Panama Garden with Personality


Fun! Welcoming! Whimsical! And most of all, Positive! Eco-Jardin Tematico “El Explorador”, in Boquete, Panama was a wonderful discovery last summer. Sally and I went up and down trails, through arbors and under bowers and out into the sunshine again. Lovely tropical plants, cute and quirky scenarios made from “found materials”, many with uplifting phrases attached. We were loving it! But when we got to the bonsai collection, we discovered (were discovered by) the diminutive dynamo behind this avalanche of creativity, a sweet little lady. 

No telling how many years she has put into this garden, or how many thousands of smiles she has earned with her hard work. Not by her hand alone, of course, her grown sons are obviously devoted to her and help in her mission. An admirable mission:  gardening with skill, personality, and a sense of humor, to uplift and delight visitors from all over the world!


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