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Planning Your Perfect Landscape


What can a well-planned landscape do for you? First it gives you a place to retreat from hectic daily schedules. Studies confirm the benefits of getting outside at least fifteen minutes daily. Second, it gives you additional space to cook, dine, entertain, exercise, listen to music, play games, or watch a movie. Third it adds value to your home, making it a good investment you will recoup when you sell your house.

If your yard doesn’t make you smile when you pull into the drive way or walk out the back door then it is time to plan an outdoor space that improves your quality of life. Here are a few tips to start planning your landscape:

  1. Find your site survey with measurements of your home and lot
  2. Identify your homes architectural style so the new landscape compliments the house
  3. Take pictures of plants you like
  4. Make a “wish list” of things you want in your new space such as pool, patio, walks, shade structure, hammock, children’s play area, dining, outdoor kitchen, hobbies, etc.
  5. Check your soil type, i.e. sandy or clay
  6. Identify sun and shade areas as well as prevailing wind direction
  7. Identify your growing zone, i.e. winter low temperatures

Next step, draw your lot and home to scale on graph paper so you can make sure your landscape works in the space as you envisioned.

And if you are not up for doing the homework – call a professional landscape designer. Trust me, we live to do the dirty work so you can enjoy the good life with a well-designed landscape!


-Kathy Hubner APLD, TCNP, Gill Nursery

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