Pre-Spring Do’s and Don’ts

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Pre Spring tips…do now & save time later!
  • Apply Pre-emergents Amaze or Hi Yield Weed and Grass Preventor with Dimension to prevent spring weeds.
  • Spray All Seasons Oil to kill and prevent scale insects this spring on flax lily, cast iron plant, irises, pittosporums & hollies.
  • Treat for lawn fungus as a cure and preventative due to damp weather with F-Stop or Bayer Lawn Fungus Control, organically with Serenade or Natures Blend.
  • Prepare veggie gardens for spring plantings. Pull up all old vegetables, and rework the soil with Cotton Burr Compost or Natures Blend.
  • Prune indian hawthorns, azaleas, or carolina jasmine since they are an early spring bloomer.
  • Prune tropicals, ex. hibiscus, bougainvilleas, lantanas, plumbagos, etc..
  • Spray a weed killer (it is too cold to be effective).

3 Comments on “Pre-Spring Do’s and Don’ts”

  1. Which kind of azaleas can grow in Corpus Christi? What soil additive should be used to bring up acidity in our soul? What are the sun/shade environments for south Texas?

  2. Azaleas are not easy here, but if you want to try, I recommend sticking with Southern Indica type. Formosa, Judge Solomon, Gerbing, and a few others. Canadian peat moss is the best additive for lowering pH, but you can also sprinkle on soil sulfur every year, and use an azalea specific fertilizer. Keep a heavy organic mulch, we prefer and carry pine straw.

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