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Pro Tips for Potting Plants

potting shed

The Potting Shed is up and running at Gill’s, so we thought we’d go over a few pro tips to help ensure success with indoor and outdoor potted plants. 

1. Pick the right size pot

Generally, it’s good to pick a pot that allows for some room to grow all the way around the root ball when you plant. You don’t want to go too big because the soil will hold too much moisture. 

2. Use a good potting soil (potting mix)

Potting soil (potting mix) is made for use in pots – its’ specially blended to have the right drainage. You notice that it’s a lot lighter and looser than topsoil or soil you dig out of the ground. 

3. Give your plant some food! 

We recommend using organic Bio-tone fertilizer when planting to help your plant get a great start. Then use a good organic such as liquid Medina Hastagro once every 2-4 weeks.

4. Plant at the proper depth 

All plants have surface level roots that you do not want to cover up with soil, so don’t plant too deep. You also don’t want soil all the way up to the lip of your pot or it will overflow when you water!

5. Use a Moisture Meter

Quick and easy way to tell if you are watering too much, not enough, or just right!

Happy Potting,


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  1. Susie says

    I just bought a Citronella Geranium plant @ Gills. It works! Skeeter free patio here.

    Your potting tips are very timely, and thanks much for getting me going.

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