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Quick Care Tips for Your Holiday Plants!


We love this time of year here in the garden center, and we want to make sure you get the very best out of your holiday favorites! So, we made a list of quick care tips to help you out:


  • Place in indirect sunlight, indoors or out
  • Water every other day to every 3rd day by setting in sink to soak, then drain  or place 4-5 ice cubes per day in pot 
  • Fertilize every 2 weeks with Hasta Gro
  • Periodically freshen up by pulling old leaves

Christmas Trees (Fresh Cut) 

  • Avoid placing tree in draft of heater or air conditioner
  • Keep water reservoir filled! Tree will drink a lot at first and then slow down once the tree is hydrated

Living Christmas Trees

  • Limit the amount of time they are indoors – up to 2 weeks is good
  • Water when dry, about every 3 days depending on size of root ball
  • At end of season, when moving back outdoors acclimate to full sun

Christmas Cactus

  • Keep in indirect sunlight, indoors or out
  • Water when dry, about every 4-5 days
  • Fertilize every 2 weeks with Hasta Gro

English Ivy Topiaries

  • Keep in indirect sunlight, indoors or out
  • Water when dry, about every 7 days depending on root ball size and air humidity
  • Again, fertilize with Hasta Gro every few weeks 
  • Trim as needed to shape our tuck new runners into the topiary form

Blooming Amaryllis

  • Keep in good indirect indoor light
  • Keep soil moist but not wet
  • Once bloom fades, trim and plant in garden, leaving center of bulb above soil level

Blooming Cyclamen

  • One more time…keep in good indirect indoor or outdoor light 
  • Water when dry
  • Trim spent blooms to encourage new blooms
  • Best outdoors in pots once holiday season is over
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  1. Marie De la pena says

    Do you have any Christmas Cactus Plants available? If so how big ? How much?
    I love cactus plants and I am looking for this one..

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