Recap: Hummingbird Garden Talk

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This past Saturday, I gave a quick talk about attracting Hummingbirds into your garden, so I figured I’d give a quick recap of hummingbird gardens in case you missed it! We are lucky enough to have 18 different kinds of hummingbirds in our area when they migrate, so make sure you add these plants to your garden. Turks Cap is my number one pick for a hummingbird plant. It’s nectar rich, native, colorful, and tough as nails. Fire bush is another great addition. Its tubular flowers make it a hummingbird magnet. And don’t forget about Anisacanthus, or Hummingbird Bush. The name really does say it all! It gets covered in bright orange small tubular flowers on a shrub that gets about 3 to 5 feet tall. Always change your nectar on your feeders at least every 1-3 days, especially in the heat, and don’t add food dye or use artificial sweeteners. And enjoy them while they’re here!


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  1. If I use Agave syrup, how much would I use and do I add it to hot water, then cool to put out in feeder. Or is Agave syrup an appropriate substitute?

  2. Nicki, Audubon Society and many other sources recommend only white granulated sugar, not agave nectar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, honey, or molasses.

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