Simple Solution for Watering Stressed Trees!

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Are your mature trees struggling this summer? We’ve noticed a lot of stressed and thirsty trees around town, and we’ve been encouraging everyone to give them long, deep waterings, which is a commitment! Now there’s an easy way…

Enter the Treehugger sprinkler! Since trees need to be watered at the drip line (the outer edge of the tree canopy), we’ve often recommended starting a sprinkler in 1 position, then repositioning it around the tree until you’ve watered all the way around. Now it’s as simple as setting up the Treehugger and turning on the water! The Treehugger sprinkler sprays 360 degrees outward from the tree trunk. By adjusting water pressure at the sprinkler or at the faucet, you can target water right at the drip line. Great design!!

With summer temps and a lack of depth moisture in the ground, mature trees need a slow, deep watering every 2 to 4 weeks. If your trees are showing signs of stress, (looking dull, dropping leaves), water them deeply once a week to rehydrate. 

5 Comments on “Simple Solution for Watering Stressed Trees!”

    1. Hi Michelle – let it run until you’ve applied 1″ of water. You can measure this using sprinkler gauges that you stick into the ground, or use a tuna can! Set the empty can out where your sprinkler is running and wait for it to fill up.

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