Summer is Here – Time to Resume Watering

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We had a wonderful long wet spring, but now the heat has hit and rains have reduced; it’s time to get back to once a week lawn watering. We need to maintain moisture to keep our plants happy and healthy. Watering slow and deep, at least 1 inch a week is good. We recommend using a tuna fish or cat food can with a 1″ mark inside to measure the amount of water your sprinkler puts out. 

Place the can in the path of the sprinkler and when water is up to the 1 inch mark, that tells you how long you need to water with your sprinkler type and water pressure in your neighborhood. New deannaplantings will need to be watered more often, so please use a moisture meter to determine their needs.

You should fertilize again now, as heavy spring rains have washed out much of the soil nutrients. Using Milorganite, Medina Growin Green will not encourage excessive growth, but give your yard the nutrients it needs for the long hot days ahead, and organic fertilizers will increase soil ability to capture and retain moisture.


2 Comments on “Summer is Here – Time to Resume Watering”

  1. We do not recommend “weed and feed” fertilizer but instead a good fertilizer and then weed killer specific to your weeds. If you bring in a sample of the weed, we are happy to make a recommendation that will work best for you. Thanks so much. Sally Gill

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