Summer Watering 101

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“I can’t possibly water enough. This summer must be hotter than last summer.” I don’t think our summers have gotten hotter, but as I age, I do not handle the heat as well. Most plants that grow in South Texas, on the other hand, love our heat and humidity. Crape Myrtles, Esperanza, Bougainvillea and Firebush are just a few that love the heat and thrive in it.

The key is to water properly and give the plants what they need when they need it.  Once your plants are established (on average after 2 years in the ground) they only require once a week watering. Water plants slow and deep early in the day so they are well hydrated.  It may be easier to water when you get home in the evening, but that is not the best time for plants.

When a plant becomes stressed from heat, lack of food, high winds or other environmental conditions it becomes weakened and susceptible to bugs and disease attack. So try to keep your plants watered, fed and happy so they can resist insect attack and develop a stronger root system to handle our climate. Having the right plant in the right place and given proper care makes for a happy landscape and a happy gardener!

We’re here to help you identify the best care for your plants. We have automatic shut off timers, soaker hoses, sprinklers, fan sprays and more to help make your watering easier. As well as thinking about the health of your plants, remember to think about yourself. Try to garden early in the day or later in the evening. Seek out shade when possible and always drink plenty of water.