Sunday Gardening With My Young Neighbors!

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I am an honorary aunt to two adorable little girls who enjoy games and craft projects.  Every Sunday I try to find a fun activity that will teach and entertain them.  I came across these ideas that incorporate my love of gardening and responsibility to do my part to recycle.

Ever wonder what to do with those Capri Sun empty pouches?  They make a great instant flower pot.  Just rinse them out and poke holes in the bottom.  Fill with dirt and plant a seed or bedding plant of your choice.

Plastic gallon milk jugs are another great opportunity to recycle.  Just cut in half and poke holes in the bottom and plant a cooking herb.  Keep the top half to use as a cover for cold protection.   What fun to cook with fresh ingredients.

Both of these ideas are fun learning opportunities and inexpensive group activities.


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