Time to Fertilize Lawns and Landscapes! Here’s How…

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After a long summer, the recent rains and cooler temps have worked wonders for our lawns and landscapes. Everything is bursting with new growth, which means everything is using a lot of energy, which means…we need to fertilize!! Use our simple fertilizing tips and you’ll see a big difference: healthier, stronger, more disease and pest-resistant, and more beautiful lawns and plants! Here’s how.

First off, let’s clear up a couple of common misconceptions about fertilizing. Don’t wait for rain in the forecast to fertilize. Yes, granular fertilizer needs to be watered in, but gently. Rain will actually wash most of it away into the street rather than down into the lawn. Wait for a few dry days in a row to fertilize. Also, don’t try to treat for weeds and fertilize at the same time. It doesn’t work! That’s why we don’t sell and don’t recommend “weed and feed” type products. Treat for weeds first, wait a couple weeks, then fertilize.

Now, on to the tips! We carry a few different fertilizers that do slightly different things for different plants, but you really only need one – Medina Growin Green! One 40lb bag of Medina Growin Green covers 3,000 sq. ft. of lawn and you can use it on everything else too! It’s all organic and works like magic on lawns, veggie gardens, trees, shrubs, flowers, blooming perennials, you name it.

Make it easy on yourself and borrow one of our lawn spreaders which will apply an even layer of fertilizer to the lawn. Then water it in by hand or by sprinkler, just not too much. Granular fertilizer, like Medina Growin Green, is meant to slowly work it’s way down into the root system. You’ll still see some bits of fertilizer on the surface after you water it in which is A-OK. Take the remainder of the bag and “chicken feed” it around the base of your other landscape plants, veggies, herbs, and flowers. For trees and larger shrubs, sprinkle fertilizer out away from the trunk at the drip line (aka the outer edge where rainwater drips down).

Follow this schedule: fertilize lawns, trees, and hardy shrubs with Medina Growin Green once this fall (right now!). Fertilize veggies, flowers, and blooming perennials once a month. Since veggies are heavy feeders, you can follow up with liquid Hasta Gro every 2 weeks. Simple and very effective!!

4 Comments on “Time to Fertilize Lawns and Landscapes! Here’s How…”

  1. I have thick, green grass, but a few areas of dead, brown grass…. Not sure why. What should I do? I pulled a lot of the dead grass out yesterday. Thank you

    1. Hi Debra – could be a fungal or pest issue. Bring us a sample and we can diagnose and get you what you need. Take a small shovel full from an area where green grass meets brown grass, and be sure to get the roots and underlying soil. Bring it by in a box or bag and we can take a look, then you can take it back and plug it back in.

  2. What is the best winterizer fertilizer for St. Augustine lawns and when should i use it. I know it must be soon.

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