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Looking For New Plants, New Ideas, New Solutions At Texas Nursery & Landscape Association Show!


As gardeners, we know you want the most up to date solutions and newest plant varieties that will thrive in our part of South Texas.

That’s why we make a point to attend the Texas Nursery Landscape Association Expo held every August. We have attended for 40 years; since we opened! James Gill served on the education committee for many years, helping to develop an up to date curriculum for those wanting a career in horticulture.

TNLA Expo is a gathering of growers, manufacturers, retailers & landscapers who service the “Green Industry”. There are education classes, keynote speakers, and lots of people like us who love gardening and helping others to enjoy it too! This year, 7 of us attended. We talked to suppliers, found new growers, attended classes and visited with longtime friends.

We are excited about the Texas Superstar tomato called BHN968 or sweet cherry surprise. It’s 4x sweeter than any other cherry tomato! We also found a new tropical fruit supplier that will ship mangos, papaya and other yummy fruit to our area in Spring 2019.

Gardening is ever changing. New plants, better solutions, fresh ideas. It’s about growing. Plants grow & we grow in our knowledge and creativity!

It is our connection and commitment to you!

-Debbie Pinkerton

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  1. Leni says

    Hi Deb, Thanks for the reply, although I still feel unsure about the use of glyphosate on the plants you utilize in your products. You didn”t say whether or not you tested for it in your facility? Just trying to figure out if you have growers that are 100% dedicated to growing in soil that is clean of glyphosate and that it is not utilized in any amount on their farms. I have found one other producer in Montana that says they have their growers sign a contract that states no use of glyphosate, but when I spoke with them, I was told they couldn”t guarantee that nor did they test for it. Is there not a standard for testing for something as nasty as glyphosate in an industry such as yours? Thanks in advance, Rebekah

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