TONE Up Your Garden with Our Favorite Organic Plant Food

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Plant fertilizers are much like food for us, the healthier the meal, the greater benefits. 

That’s why we love organic Espoma plant foods. We use them in our own gardens and recommend them to customers all the time – they work! Each “Tone” (Plant-Tone, Citrus-Tone, Bio-Tone) product is a complex blend of long-lasting natural ingredients fueled by beneficial microbes. These natural organic granules break down slowly for a steady continuous feeding. They are naturally low in salts, so they won’t burn your plants, and they add organic matter back into the soil to build better soil health. Bottom line… you get a beautiful healthy garden that’s also safer for our environment.

  • Bio-Tone is the premium plant starter to use when putting in any new plants. It promotes root growth for stronger plants as they grow.
  • Plant-Tone is the go-to for an all-purpose food for flowers, veggies, potted plants and landscapes. 
  • Citrus-Tone is superior for all citrus and fruiting trees & shrubs. 
  • Azalea-Tone is specific to plants the need a more acidic soil than we have in the Coastal Bend. Use this on plants like Azaleas, Camellias, Gardenias, & Magnolias. 

We also love and appreciate Espoma’s commitment to the environment. They are a minimal waste manufacturing facility that operates 100% on solar power! They utilize a vast array of renewable and sustainable ingredients. There are never any sludges or fillers and no hazardous or toxic ingredients, making it safe for people, pets, and our planet.


2 Comments on “TONE Up Your Garden with Our Favorite Organic Plant Food”

  1. Citrus tone apply now through February for first application, again in late April or early May. Azaleas may be rushed through bloom by fertilizing now, better to wait until blooms are fading.

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