Top 5 Must-Do’s for December!

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Lights are up, trees decorated, and our homes’ ready for the holidays. Now it’s time to step outside and enjoy that crisp refreshing air! Cardinals in bare trees, ripening citrus to pick and share, and Winter flowers bursting with color. The peace of Winter found in nature. Here are our top tips for December.

Check out our December Garden Guide for more tips and remember that trees, shrubs, and perennials can be planted 12 months out of the year! The only difference is the amount of water they need depending on temperatures and wind!

1. Think Gifts That Grow

With a few simple components you can create heartfelt gifts that will last and grow. Succulents in natural clay pots would be perfect for a new gardener or a burst of colorful flowers planted in a glazed container for a friend’s porch. Adorn your wrappings with fresh herbs from the garden for those special touches that mean so much! Need ideas? We’ve got plenty!

2. Feed and Water Winter Annuals

Winter flowers are AMAZING right now! Violas and Pansies are breathtaking and Geraniums are full of buds and blooms. In order to keep them looking their best, take a moment and fertilize your beauties. We love Plant Tone and or Hasta Gro. Both are organic and give you results. Have that “one more empty pot” to fill?

3. Alternative Trees for Christmas

If you want a tree to enjoy in your landscape after the holidays, Blue Point Junipers, Eugenia Cones, Norfolk Pines, even Magnolias and Ficus trees work beautifully. We even had a customer this season who decided on a large Queen Palm! If you bring these in for decorating, be sure they have good bright natural light. Keep watered but not too much, and as soon as the holidays are done…take them outdoors for a breath of fresh air.

4. Check Irrigation – Reduce Watering

Established lawns and landscapes (those more than 2 years old) can do with less water during winter. Even potted plants will stay moist longer this time of year. Check your irrigation systems to run less time and/or less often. Water lawns every 2 weeks if no rain. Water your landscape and potted plants when the soil feels dry. YOU WILL NEED TO WATER when we have cold fronts with low humidity and high winds and or freezing temps.

5. Pick Citrus When Ripe

Citrus tastes especially good if left to ripen on the tree. Keep an eye watching the skins to change color and have a soft “give” when squeezed. Ripe fruit are easily picked with a slight tug. If you notice “black mold” on the fruit or leaves, you can spray with All Seasons Horticultural Oil Spray to control any insects causing the problem, very safe for all except the pest. Enjoy sharing your bounty with others! 

7 Comments on “Top 5 Must-Do’s for December!”

    1. Various things suggested: netting to exclude them. shiny cds or the curly shiny ribbon to scare them. hanging christmas balls or fake fruit to discourage them (no fun to peck).

  1. Tiny yellow dots on the underside of my Plumerias. I’ve removed the affected leaves, anything else I can do?

    1. Chances are you are seeing the beginning of a rust (fungus) infection which will likely get worse, before all the leaves drop for winter. Just collect and dispose of them, so you limit the quantity of fungal spores.

    2. You could spray with neem oil to limit fungus, but I would not bother since outdoor plumerias will lose most or all leaves. But if you are taking infected leaves off the plant, it is recommended that you clip them off with sharp shears or scissors, leaving just a small stub of petiole, rather than break them off.

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