Top 5 Must Do’s for July!

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Can you believe it? Pleasant weather has followed us all the way to July…What a treat! Kick off this month celebrating independence hanging out with family & friends in our great outdoors!

Check out our July Garden Guide for more tips and remember that trees, shrubs, and perennials can be planted 12 months out of the year! The only difference is the amount of water they need depending on temperatures and wind!

1. Enjoy time outdoors! 

Light the pit and hang some lights around the patio to relax in the cool of the evenings. Add summer bloomers to the mix in colorful containers.

2. Keep the lawn looking good! 

Proper watering once a week helps your grass stay well hydrated. Water before 10am or after 6pm. About 1inch of water is enough. Feed your lawn with organic fertilizers like Medina Growin’ Green & Nature’s Blend Compost. Keep an eye out for insect problems like chinch bugs & grubs.

3. Plant Tropicals!

Hawaiian Ty plants, Sanseveria, Crotons, mingle beautifully with your landscape to create your own piece of paradise!

4. Be Smart with Water!

Use mulch around your landscape to keep bare soil covered. It will reduce water evaporation, keeping your plants happy & it looks great. Cleanup and trim plants as needed leaving enough foliage to shade soil around them. Adjust irrigation to once a week and use soaker hoses so you water the soil not the foliage.

5. Add a Water Feature for Nature!

Birds, bees, butterflies will enjoy a place to rest and have a drink. A fountain with fresh running water or birdbath is beautiful in your landscape or you can just simply add a shallow bowl of water. Remember to change the water often so it does not stagnate or grow mosquitoes. 

2 Comments on “Top 5 Must Do’s for July!”

  1. I have a new home that needs landscape, if I purchase everything from
    you can I get a discount and delivery? We live on Padre Island with stones
    in the yard, but we want Queen Ann’s in the front and lower plants around
    the slab and entry, then banana trees ,Esperanza Hybiscus and other tropicals. A neighbor recommended you to me.

  2. Hi Michael – we’d be happy to discuss your new landscape! We offer full scale landscape design and installation, or we can advise you and provide the plants and materials if you like to DIY. Come by the garden center at 2810 Airline or give us a call at 361.992.9674 – look forward to meeting you!

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