Top 5 Gardening Must-Do’s for July ’22

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Lots of fun to be had this Summer – holidays, BBQs, weekend trips, and landscape projects! Here are our top must-do’s to keep your plants healthy and happy this July.

Check out our July Garden Guide for more tips and remember that trees, shrubs, and perennials can be planted 12 months out of the year! The only difference is the amount of water they need depending on temperatures and wind!

1. Watering: Think Depth, Not Frequency

Proper hydration happens when you get water down to the root ball of the plant. This means watering deeply not more frequently. Run irrigation systems or sprinklers once a week before 10am or after 6pm per current city watering rules – this is what we recommend for summer watering even when restrictions are lifted. Long, slow, deep drinks for plants, trees, and lawns!

2. Train Your Plant Sitter

Be sure to have a trusted plant-sitter come water your plants while you’re away on summer excursions! It’s a good idea to spend a little time showing them how you water. Don’t just write it down, walk them through it. You know your plants and which ones get tired and thirsty the fastest.

3. Collect Cool New Houseplants

Now’s a great time of year to work on your cool indoor jungle. The greenhouse is restocked with all kinds of interesting choices, including the pictured Hoya macrophylla aka “wax plant” or “honey plant”. The variegated edges become vibrant pink with more sunlight, and it blooms beautiful fragrant star-shaped flowers. Great to hang/drape in medium to bright indirect light. Keep in mind that constant A/C indoors will dry out plants. Keep an eye on watering (use a moisture meter) and don’t place houseplants near an A/C vent. We are experimenting with a small humidifier on one of our indoor plant shelves.   

4. Make Shade!

We find lots of uses for shade cloth here at Gill’s. It’s great for shading plants, of course, and can also be used to block wind. It’s also an excellent addition to a pergola, breezeway, or outdoor dining area to create some extra shade this Summer. Easy to cut to the custom size/shape you need.

5. Watch for More Bugs in Summer
This is what a mealybug infestation looks like!

Not all bugs are bad, so it’s important to know your bugs before you spray anything, even organics. A few bugs here and there is probably not cause for alarm. If you do get an infestation, cut the plant back first, give it some fertilizer, then treat for bugs. By pruning first, you won’t have to treat every leaf on the whole plant. We see plants come back better than ever using this method. If you’re not sure about bugs or pruning, we’re here to help.

6 Comments on “Top 5 Gardening Must-Do’s for July ’22”

  1. I have a new home that needs landscape, if I purchase everything from
    you can I get a discount and delivery? We live on Padre Island with stones
    in the yard, but we want Queen Ann’s in the front and lower plants around
    the slab and entry, then banana trees ,Esperanza Hybiscus and other tropicals. A neighbor recommended you to me.

  2. Hi Michael – we’d be happy to discuss your new landscape! We offer full scale landscape design and installation, or we can advise you and provide the plants and materials if you like to DIY. Come by the garden center at 2810 Airline or give us a call at 361.992.9674 – look forward to meeting you!

  3. What can you use to get rid of worms and caterpillars that eat my plants leaves! Is the ere a spray?
    Thank youmelisha

    1. Yes, we have a very environmentally friendly product you can apply to the foliage they are feeding on that will not harm any other organism other than the caterpillar that feeds on it. And another that is appropriate if the caterpillars have finished feeding and are moving across the yard or walls to pupate. Just come in and ask.

  4. Thank you for sharing this gardening must-do in July. Really helpful not only for this month but for all the months coming. Keep sharing more valuable information about gardening. I learned a lot!

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