Top 5 Must-Do’s for May!

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It’s Fiesta time around the Coastal Bend!

Cinco de Mayo, Buc Days, Mom’s Day, Beach to Bay, Memorial Day & graduations bring us together in our beautiful city. So…get ready for a month of parties!

Check out our May Garden Guide for more tips and remember that trees, shrubs, and perennials can be planted 12 months out of the year! The only difference is the amount of water they need depending on temperatures and wind!

1. Plant a tropical garden

Fresh plants with vibrant flowers & colorful foliage adds to the mood of Fiesta! Brilliant Bougainvillea, Bananas, Papaya Trees, Bird of Paradise, and Hibiscus are just a few that can transform ordinary to your dreamy paradise!

2. Water once a week if we don’t get rain

Trees, shrubs, and lawns will begin to use more water as the soil moisture begins to drop. Watering once a week keeps the soil from drying too much turning into hard packed clay and allows roots to absorb available moisture.

If you have an automatic irrigation system, run through your system to make sure the heads are all in good order and facing the right direction. Remember, irrigating your lawn no more than once a week insures roots will grow down deeper and be healthier. Be sure to only water before 10am or after 6pm to make the best use of your water, and use the cycle soak method to eliminate runoff.

3. Add garden accents to your outdoor spaces

Nestle a birdbath among your flowerbed or add a colorful pot to your porch and patio. Fountains are great too – have an infinity fountain with an underground basin installed, or try a self-contained fountain that you can fill with water and simply plug it in. The sound of water is music for outdoors and creates a sense of cool and relaxation.

4. Watch and treat for grubworms & chinch bugs

Best to use Bayer Season Long Grub Control Granules for grubworms and Spinosad Hose End for chinch bugs.

5. Don’t forget mulch & food

Aside from making things look like a masterpiece, mulch and plant food will save a bundle of time & money. Plants and lawns need to be strong & healthy to be their best during our hot summer weather.

Check out our May Garden Guide for more tips! Happy gardening!


2 Comments on “Top 5 Must-Do’s for May!”

  1. We water after cutting on Wednesday and again automatically on Thursday early morning. Is that too far apart to benefit from the cycle and soak method?

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