Top 5 Must-Do’s for May 2021!

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May is here which means lots to do in the garden! We gathered our Top 5 Must Do’s to help you and your garden make the transition to warmer weather.

Check out our May Garden Guide for more tips and remember that trees, shrubs, and perennials can be planted 12 months out of the year! The only difference is the amount of water they need depending on temperatures and wind!

1. Harvest Your Food

Harvest often! Veggies grow fast – especially cucumbers, beans & okra. It also keeps birds & insects from finding them first. If you do have insect issues in your veggie garden, our go-to organic control is Spinosad – safe for food but takes care of bugs. And remember to keep watering as the weather warms up. Soaker hoses are great to snake around your plants keeping water close to the ground and root systems.

2. Tend Your Lawn

It’s vital to water your lawn once a week unless we have rain. Invest in a sprinkler that’ll do the work – we have them. Hand watering the lawn may feel therapeutic, but you won’t get good coverage and depth

Mow- the proper height for St. Augustine lawns is around 3inches for spring summer. For Bermuda lawns keep mowed to around 2-2.5 inches.

Feed with Natural Fertilizers:  Medina Growin Green or Milorganite. These feed the lawn and the soil with great results. Water in to get them started. Watch for lawn insects & treat when needed. Grub worms & chinch bugs are easy to control when caught early but there’s no need to treat unless you have them. Bayer Season-long Grub Control will do the trick for grubs. Cyonara takes care of chinch bugs.

3. Planting For Pollinators

Hummingbirds, butterflies, and a host of garden friends will be hanging around needing a source for clean water & food, especially after the big freeze. Adding a shallow birdbath and blooming native plants will give them both. You can also hang hummingbird feeders around if you have an abundance of birds. Clean and change the nectar daily so it does not spoil, and don’t use red food coloring, just 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. 

4. Look for Thirsty Plants

Watch your plants and they will show you when they need a drink. Most show signs of wilting (see photo). That’s a sign they need water soon. Once you give them a drink, they perk up quickly. But some will not tell you until it is too late, like a live oak tree. Invest in a moisture meter. They help to read the moisture with a poke into the soil around the roots. We have them and they’re very easy to use.

5. Gifts for Gardening Moms

Let us help you find something pretty, useful, or both for the gardening moms in your life. Pottery, birdbaths, garden tools, hats, gloves – lots of options. Or the gift that gardeners love most – plants!

Check out our May Garden Guide for more tips! Happy gardening!


9 Comments on “Top 5 Must-Do’s for May 2021!”

  1. We water after cutting on Wednesday and again automatically on Thursday early morning. Is that too far apart to benefit from the cycle and soak method?

  2. In the last photo, what is that spiral thing with stones? Are they going to plant something in the dirt or is it to walk on …?

    Also – besides okra, is there anything else you can still plant here in May?

    1. That particular spiral thing is just a cool design in the garden. But you could do something similar for a planting bed! You can still plant peppers, Mediterranean herbs, maybe even cucumbers!

  3. Tomatoe plants . Can I cut back some of the leaves from the base of the plant .
    Plants are 3 to 4 ft.

  4. What is the best commercial preemergent to get rid of blue grass and/or crabgrass that has already sprouted. Any other suggestions are appreciated!

    Thank you

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