Two Sprinklers, One Water Faucet!

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Water! It’s a vital part of having a healthy lawn and landscape. Rain is always our best source of water but since summer is here and rain is scarce, I want to show you a little trick I learned.  

Personally, I love to hand water with a hose, watering pots and flowerbeds, playing with dogs, cooling myself off in the process. It’s fun and gets the job done! Now watering with a sprinkler, that’s a bit of a hassle.  Setting it out, making sure the spray is in my lawn and not on the street, remembering to move it and then turning it off. You get the picture! And a sprinkler can only cover a limited space. Aughhh!

But now I can cover more ground with my new Melnor pulsating sprinklers we have here at Gill’s. You can attach them end to end… doubling the watering area in the same amount of time. WOW! Plus, I added a Melnor mechanical timer to my faucet that can be set to run up to 2 hours and then will automatically turn off. A double WOW!  I attached 1 sprinkler to my 100’ hose, unscrewed the other side and attached a 50’ hose, attached the 2nd sprinkler, set the sprinkler tabs to keep the water in my yard, turned the water on, fine-tuned the stops, set the timer, done!



Now my yard, trees, shrubs are much happier and so am I.

Remember, you can water your lawn with a sprinkler from 6pm to 10am, one day of the week. Your choice of day. You can hand water or use a soaker hose, any day, any time,  for however long you like.


4 Comments on “Two Sprinklers, One Water Faucet!”

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