Vietnam, A Visual & Culinary Feast!

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IMG_3044During the holidays, I made an exciting trek to Vietnam to visit my son and grandchildren. I use the word trek because of the hundreds of stairs and cavern climbing involved. Needless to say it jump started my resolution to get in shape!

The country was breathtaking and full of heritage. Each place we visited had its own culture and uniqueness. Cities and towns were full of activity and people. Food vendors, craft pieces and street markets were abundant. All were an experience to remember. I will say the traffic and motorbikes were quite challenging.

IMG_3112It did not take me long to notice the plants! I knew that Hanoi was similar in climate to Corpus Christi and actually hotter so I knew some plants would be similar. I still was so surprised to see all the lantana and turks cap everywhere. Peace lilies or spathphyllum were used as ground cover in many places. Budda belly jatrophas, hibiscus and allamandas were very prevalent. I certainly did smile when I saw ruellia in many yards since we refer to them as Mexican petunias. Daily flower markets held many local grown delights as in lilies, roses and landscape beds had pansies, violas and celosia. Cymbidium or ground orchids were considered very special and the sole plant grown in many nurseries. Vietnam was certainly a visual and culinary feast.


-Mary, Assistant Manager Of Our Alameda Store

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