3 Comments on “Watch: Brown Patch Fungus”

  1. I have a fungus in my St. Augustine and have taken to the Texas A&M website for advice. Not only does it recommend the F-Stop but also others as well. Since I live in Aransas Pass, I looked for what was available here in town. The only one I could find was Scotts Lawn Fungus Control (contains thiophanate-methyl) and I am not sure if this works in our sandy soil? Please advise because if I have to, I will drive over there to your store and get the F-Stop.

  2. My Saint Augustine grass has suffered greatly since the last rain we had in July. It was green and gorgeous and then got cut too short and has not come back. With the recent rains, I am hoping it will imply. I’m not sure if it has some type of disease issue with the drought. Any suggestions?

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