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What A Stark Contrast!


What a stark contrast! The owners of these three homes in Denver, one next to the other, each have a very different look.

The home on the bottom has grass, but it is dead due to a faulty irrigation system. The home on top has grass with irrigation. Kind of boring, and getting to be expensive with the cost of water. The owner on the left has chosen plants that require little water along with an assortment of brick, stone and gravel. And no grass! Interesting and very attractive!

If you would like to work towards a lower water requiring landscape that’s pretty but don’t quite know how to accomplish it, give our landscape department a call. We can design and install it for you and give you direction on how to maintain!


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  1. Joanne Salge says

    Visit the Xeriscape Learning Center and Design Garden located at 1900 N. Chaparral (next to the CC Museum of Science and History) for more ideas, also!!

  2. Joanne Salge says

    Xeriscape is seven basic principles that work together to conserve water. Those principles can be utilized anywhere.
    1. Plan your landscape design
    2. Evaluate and improve the soil (soil analysis)
    3. Create practical turf areas
    4. Select appropriate plants
    5. Water wisely (before 10am and after 6pm)
    6. Use mulch to reduce evaporation
    7. Good maintenance practices

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