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What’s This GUNK on My Plants?!


Over the past week, we’ve talked to a lot of customers about brownish and speckled gunk that they’re noticing on their outdoor plants, and sometimes houseplants, all of a sudden. This time of year, it typically means several different types of 1 thing…scale insects! Luckily we’ve got an effective (and eco-friendly) solution.

The photo above is a leaf from a Cast Iron plant that a customer brought in. This one happens to be infested with 2 different types of scale insects. Notice the white specks and the brown gunky spots. There are many different types of scale that go after our common landscape plants like Cast Iron plant, Flax Lily, Hibiscus, Indian Hawthorn, and more.

Have no fear! All-Seasons Horticultural & Dormant Oil Spray is here! Horticultural oil is a mineral oil solution that works by coating the insects and suffocating them. It’s safe and harmless for humans, pets, birds, and other wildlife, but very effective against scale insects and other plant pests.

Scale insects tend to like houseplants too, especially if you’ve had them outside. As you plan to bring patio and houseplants inside for the winter, it’s a great idea to treat them with Horticultural Oil too. Just spray all over and wipe down the leaves. It’ll prevent scale and other pests from hitching a ride inside the house, and it’ll shine up your houseplants beautifully!  

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