Why Do You Garden?

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Here at Gill’s, we get to spend all day every day close to nature, working with plants, helping gardeners, and building landscapes. Then, almost all of us go home and garden some more! We asked several Gill staff the simple question: Why do you garden? In honor of Earth Day, we thought it would be fun to share a few of our personal “whys” with you.

“I enjoy growing plants because it has taught me that patience is rewarding. Gardening brings me peace inside and outside my home.” – Ori, Assistant Buyer
“I garden because I like the shift in perspective of getting down to ground level and noticing all the life happening.” – Harry, Landscape Designer

“I love creating a space that I can watch grow and evolve – nothing makes me happier than seeing a new leaf or flower or a new species of insect in my yard!” – Frances, Garden Coach

“I like to grow unique fruit and share it with people.” – Kevin, Landscape Crew Leader

“I don’t consider myself a gardener, but I really like digging holes and planting trees!” – Josh, Planting Crew Leader

“My gardening motivation is simple – I need to pull up in the driveway and see things looking good!” – DeAnna, Garden Center Manager

“I garden because it’s good for me and good for the planet! Plus I get to use the creative part of my brain.” – Wyatt, Garden Center Asst. Manager
“I garden because I’ve loved plants since I was a kid. It’s just what I do.” – Jimmy, Landscape Crew Leader
“I love beautiful flowers, growing my own food, and a place to enjoy nature!” – Debbie, Buyer
“As a new gardener, I like experimenting and learning what works. You don’t have to get too scientific.” – Hayden, Landscape Crew
“I garden because it’s wholistic therapy for my body, mind, and spirit together.” – Jesse, Gill’s Owner and GM

13 Comments on “Why Do You Garden?”

  1. I garden because I love to watch plants grow. I have 20 rose bushes, and they are all in bloom right now. I’ve had a stressful day, and to relax, I’m going out in my garden.

    1. Same here, Elaine! The best stress relief. I bet you’ll see a lot more pretty roses around town after these 2 cold winters we’ve had. Everyone wants roses this spring because they can handle the cold.

  2. I garden in pots on my patio. It’s my place of peace and sanctuary allowing me to bond with God and creation and enjoy His bountiful gifts and blessings. The greenery, blooms, birds, and butterflies all bring such joy!

  3. I garden because that is something that my mom instilled in me and I enjoy seeing flowers bloom and vegetables being produced. It is definitely a mood lifter.

    Gloria VanZante
    Nueces Master Gardener

    1. I agree, Gloria. I think every part of gardening is a mood lifter – even the hard work and making mistakes, and definitely harvesting veggies!

  4. I started gardening with my paternal grandmother as a young girl. We canned fruit & vegetables every summer.
    I have carried on the legacy.
    I am a foodie & nothing is better than going outside to pick fresh herbs when cooking💜

  5. I started gardening as a hobby with 1 elevated bed when I retired 7 years ago. I had no idea it would change my life forever! Today I have 14 elevated beds of various sizes where I grow all of our culinary herbs and most of the veggies needed for my husband and me, plus some for our grown children and their families as well. It’s a great feeling to know we are eating healthy, organic, foods out of my garden! I’m now learning about medicinal uses for herbs and how to prepare them in various forms. But to be honest, my favorite part of gardening is still the time I get to spend “playing in the dirt”!

    1. Wow, Verna! That’s amazing. Getting to play in the dirt AND eat your own healthy and delicious veggies – can’t beat that!

  6. I garden because it brings me peace. My yard is my “happy place” the beauty of nature makes everything better in my life. I also believe that people that garden are the most hopeful and positive individuals. You have to be; when you plant that seed or transplant that baby plant you are hoping for a healthy beautiful plant or tree so we care for it and smile when we see it flourish!

    1. Well said! People who garden have to be hopeful and positive along with patient, adaptive, and good at problem solving. What we learn in the garden and in nature helps us all the time.

  7. Numerous people find great comfort, peace, and satisfaction in gardening as a leisure activity. The author of “Why Do You Garden?” by Gill Nursery explores the motivations behind gardening and describes the many advantages of this relaxing hobby. The piece opens with an acknowledgement of gardening’s varied draws. It delves into the psychology behind why people go to such lengths to cultivate greenery and make their outside environments look so lovely.

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