Why Is There Mold On My Citrus?

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It’s the time of year we are scurrying around the garden, picking delicious ripening citrus. Perfect gift giving for the holidays! A few days ago, I noticed that some of my lemons and their leaves have a black mold on them. Some of you have had the same issue and are concerned too. “What is happening?”

Well it is most likely from the honeydew of visiting insects who enjoyed a meal from your citrus tree. Who could blame them? They have probably moved on but if you find a few still catching a free meal, you can treat your citrus tree with dormant oil spray. It’s just oil-no chemicals so you can be assured it’s not harmful to you or your tree. But it suffocates those insects and any eggs they may have laid while hanging out.

It doesn’t change the flavor of the fruit, and thank goodness it’s easy to wash off! Happy Holidays!