Quick Weed Clean-up Before The Guests Arrive!

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A friend texted me this week-end and asked how she can get rid of her winter weeds. Probably like everyone, she’s getting ready for her family to arrive! She has weeds amongst her flowers near her front door. Our recommendation is to

  • 1. Spray with Nature’s Creation Total Weed & Grass Control, 20% Vinegar, best if sun is out. Even better, mix a small amount of Medina Orange Oil with Vinegar.
  • 2. The next day, top dress with Pine Straw or Hardwood Mulch



Before & After!


And like magic, all gone!! Happy Holidays!


PS* …and, put on your calendar to install Preen in October and January to stop more weed seeds from sprouting.

2 Comments on “Quick Weed Clean-up Before The Guests Arrive!”

  1. Clover in lawns can be sprayed with weed be gone for Saint Augustine which we carry in stock. But also if you just keep it mowed short by cutting every week even though the grass doesn’t need it. It will soon die out as temperatures rise in mid spring to late spring.

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