Why Won’t My Weed Killer Work?

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One day you look outside at your lawn and BAM, you notice there are weeds everywhere! Before you start spraying with an herbicide, make sure you read the label. Some weed killers have temperature restrictions and either take longer to work or don’t work at all! A better option for this time of year is to put down a pre-emergent weed prevention like Hi Yield Weed & Grass Stopper With Dimension or Fertilome Broadleaf Weed Control With Gallery to stop the spread of weeds until the weather warms up. It won’t kill the weeds you have now but it sure will slow the weed crop down in the months to come.


2 Comments on “Why Won’t My Weed Killer Work?”

  1. nothing controls crab grass in a St. Augustine yard…when thy gonna find herbacide that will rig St. Augustine yard to kill crab grass and not the St. Augustine grass

  2. I am guessing what you call crabgrass is really King Ranch bluestem.
    All you can do is wipe or spray the K.R. bluestem with glyphosate (roundup) which will kill all grass, and then
    let surrounding St. Augustine grow in, or plant new St. Augustine.

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