Windy City Living: Pros and Cons

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  • It isn’t so stifling hot! We can almost always count on a breeze to cool us down when we’re working in the garden
  • Wind chimes always give us music outdoors
  • Mosquitos aren’t so bad. In cities like Houston, where there isn’t as much wind, mosquitos run rampant. And while we aren’t mosquito free, we can at least manage them with products like Mosquito Beater.
  • Wind can actually provide great pollination to supplement our bees and butterflies
  • Plants love air circulation. When they’re all jammed together, they get fungus and poor growth patterns. Our wind definitely helps with that.


  • Hanging baskets can sometimes jump! If we get 30mph winds, hanging baskets have this nasty habit of falling off their hooks, so make sure you bring them down if it gets windy
  • Trees often need staking, especially for their first year! T-posts and arbor tie normally do the job though.marta
  • No matter what hairstyle you want, it will always look windblown.
  • Plants dry out in windy conditions. What may normally need watering only three times a week may need to be watered everyday if it’s windy. Using a moisture meter helps ensure that we know if a plant needs a drink.


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