Yes, The Mosquitoes Are Back!

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We love the rain, but so do the skeeters. We have everything you need to repel and kill them. Mosquito Beater Liquid Hose-end can be sprayed across the lawn, shrubs and anywhere else they may hide. We also have Mosquito Dunks and Mosquito Bits for standing water in birdbaths, saucers, puddles or even old tires to kill their larvae organically. We have Mosquito Beater Granules which are essential plant oils on a flake to repel them. It is Lemon grass oil, Citronella oil, Garlic, Geranium oil and Cedar oil, so it smells really nice. And don’t forget our Skeeter Eggs that you hang on the porch or patio. They hold Citronella oil in a porous egg to repel for 200 sq. ft. Having a party or just want to enjoy the cool evenings outdoors. Come see us and we will get you what you need.


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