10 Gift Ideas for the Gardeners on Your List

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Come take a stroll through our garden and do a little stress-free shopping. We can help you pick out the perfect gifts that grow and other useful gifts that the gardeners on your list will love. Here are 10 gift ideas for green thumbs.

1. Gifts That Grow

Now is a great time to plant winter flowers like petunias, geraniums, and snapdragons are great right now, and they’re quick and easy to plant! Easy for Santa to sneak in and secretly plant a few flowers.

Roses, herbs, strawberries, and onions are all great to plant right now too. Or if you want to make it a truly memorable holiday, plant a tree! Remember that trees benefit greatly from being planted in Fall and Winter, including citrus trees!

2. Poinsettias and Other Holiday Classics

Poinsettias are THE classic holiday décor and centerpiece for holiday meals. They make great gifts for teachers, bosses, coworkers, and friendly acquaintances – they just make people happy!

A blooming Christmas Cactus or Kalanchoe is great too, or a small living holiday tree like a juniper, Norfolk pine, or rosemary. We can gift wrap these for you. Done!

3. Custom-Planted Pottery

Let us help you put together something totally unique! Choose the pots and plants and we can pot it all up for you. Houseplants, flowers, herbs, native plants for pollinators, and lots more can stand alone or be combined in the right pot.

4. Fine Gardening Tools

These French-made hand tool sets from Opinel have been a hit with the pros here at Gill’s. Or a nice set of pruners or loppers. Or even a quality sharp-shooter shovel. Working with quality tools makes gardening a lot more fun.

5. Soothing Wind Chimes

Lots of different tones and styles for relaxing in the garden.

6. Something for the Birds

Birdbaths, feeders, houses, seed, and native plants to attract birds to your loved one’s yard. Watching birds is better than TV! 

7. Wildflower Seed Bombs

Maybe the best stocking stuffer for the planet? These little lumps of dirt contain 28 varieties of wildflower seeds that provide food for bees and other pollinators. Just place them where they make contact with bare soil, and wait for flowers to pop up next Spring!

8. Plant-Me Holiday Cards

Our holiday cards this year are completely biodegradable and they have flower seeds embedded in them! Find a sunny spot and plant the card in the ground after the holiday season.

9. Dried Flower Bouquets and Bundles

Come pick and choose different bundles and create your own dried flower bouquet or choose one we’ve put together. No watering or fertilizer required!

10. When in Doubt – Gift Card!

Can’t go wrong with a Gill’s gift card! Good for plants or services too. You could give the gift of landscape design, a food garden next Spring, a planted tree, or anything else we provide. We can help you with ideas there too!

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  1. Hi, I would like to purchase my daughter a gift card for my daughter, but I live in Colorado. How does that work?

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