A Little Gem & Generous Gift!

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We were walking with our family in West Seattle on Harbor Avenue, looking across Puget Sound to downtown Seattle. The esplanade opposite the water was lined with multi-level, concrete condominiums, I’m sure stacked as high as ordinances would allow. And then we came upon this little gem in the middle of all that concrete! What a treasure!

A small wood shingle residence was planted densely with amazingly beautiful blooming plants, including on the roof. They had water reservoirs out for the birds, dogs and even a water fountain for passers-by. The home owner received the Certified Wildlife Habitat designation  from the National Wildlife Federation for providing four basic habitat elements needed for wildlife to thrive: food, water, cover & places to raise young. What a gift for their community, guests to their community AND all the birds and critters in the area!


-Sally & James

9 Comments on “A Little Gem & Generous Gift!”

  1. So happy that you were able to spend time in Seattle. I love it there in the summer. The cottage looks like a fairyland. Reminds me of Ireland.

  2. Y’all have fun and enjoy some well deserved time together in the Pacific NW. Great pictures!!

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