Bees In Action At Gill’s!

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Because we have a lot of flowers and reservoirs of water at Gill’s, we also have a wonderfully large population of butterflies, dragonflies and bees.

This past 4th of July, I walked into our accounting office and found 8 bees buzzing around our ceiling fluorescent lights. I had never seen so many bees in our office and honestly, wasn’t quite sure what to do. Our buyer, Debbie walked in and immediately had the solution. She directed me to turn off all the lights & close the doors to get the room as dark as possible. Then we opened a window that had good natural light coming from outdoors and the bees, within seconds, began filing out through the window one by one.

I was so happy and amazed at how smart they were. Another example of the WONDERS OF NATURE!!


9 Comments on “Bees In Action At Gill’s!”

  1. I love my bees, while most shoo them away, I let them rest on my arms (they need a break from time to time) or any nearby perch, so they can have a reprieve from all their efforts…mine don’t sting they just want a rest. Cheers! Jamie

  2. Jamie or whoever else knows,
    It seems that bees, when buzzing around flowers, don’t seem to be aggressive as they are around their hives, which seems logical. Am I correct in my thoughts?

    1. Joey, you are exactly right. Bees and wasps are not looking for trouble, and are good-natured but busy as they go about their day gathering food. But if you get close to their nest, they will get very aggressive. Or if you accidentally catch one in your hand while pruning, or step on one barefoot (yes I’ve done both of these once in 65 years in the garden).

  3. I purchased a small bee house recently and hung it on my fence. Do you have any suggestions on the best location to hang a bee house? In the sun or out close to plants etc?

  4. Sorry Dimitri I am not the expert. You could probably find a local beekeeping organization where someone would have the expertise to ID a B

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