Create Your Own Garden Paradise

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Sights, sounds, and smells of nature are all relaxing. For sights, think about plants to attract birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds. They are so fun to watch as they move from plant to plant gathering nectar. Hamelia, Firecracker Plant, Hummingbird Bush, Shrimp Plant, Cape Honeysuckle, Lantana and many more are available to bring nature to your yard. Our plant signs throughout the nursery identify which ones attract birds, butterflies, or hummingbirds. For garden sounds, think of rustling leaves, a hand tuned windchime or the sound of running water from a fountain, all sure to relax the mind. For smells, many plants have wonderful fragrances in the daytime and some at night. Gardenias, Indian Carnations, Maid of Orleans Jasmine, Sweet Almond Verbena, Angel Trumpets, and Reseda add wonderful aroma to the landscape. Night Blooming Jasmine can be smelled from what seems to be 100 yards away. The tiny flowers flare the tips open in the

 evening to release the sweetest smell imaginable. While having a cup of coffee early in the morning or a glass of wine after a hard day of work, do what you have always heard, take the time to look around, listen close, and “stop and smell the roses”.


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