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Top 10 Things To Do Before Summer!


You may have already done several items on this list, but with all the recent rains they may have been depleted or washed away, therefore another application may be necessary.

  1. Fertilize the lawn, shrubs, trees and tropicals again with Gill Lawn & Garden or Milorganite.
  2. Continue to feed vegetables and herbs with Espoma Plant Tone. Citrus and fruit trees with Espoma Citrus Tone.
  3. Apply pre-emergent again to prevent weeds, Amaze or Dimension.
  4. Spray post-emergent again or as needed to kill existing weeds, Weed b gon or Image. You could also keep the weeds mowed before they go to seed. Most will die with the heat.
  5. Drench Hackberry trees for wooly aphids, bougainvillea for caterpillars, hibiscus and jatropha for mealybugs etc.. with Bayer Protect and Feed to prevent insects for 9 months.
  6. Treat the lawn with Bayer Season Long Grub Control or Beneficial Nematodes.
  7. Watch for Chinch bug activity in the hot dry spots of the lawn near sidewalks and driveways. Spray with Cyonara or Triazicide. For organic control use Spinosad or Diatomaceous Earth.
  8. Treat for fungus. Check the lawn for brown patch. Roses, Crape Myrtles and Gerbera Daisies for powdery mildew and Plumeria for rust. Use F-stop, Serenade or Actinovate for the lawn and Fertilome Systemic , Serenade or Actinovate for plants.
  9. Plant sun or shade loving heat tolerant flowers and tropicals.deanna
  10. Mulch everything including potted plants to prevent weeds and hold moisture for the summer.


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