Darn Those Summer Bugs!

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Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs in the lawn are still active and can be all summer as long as the weather stays hot and dry. Treat as needed with hose-end Bayer Complete, Cyonara, Natural Guard Spinosad or Diatomaceous Earth.


Mealybugs on tropicals like Hibiscus , Jatropha and Mystic Spires Salvia can still be found. Look for the white cottony insects on the stems and undersides of leaves. Treat with Safer Insect Killing Soap or Natural Guard Neem Oil in the evening once the plants are in the shade and temperatures have cooled down for the night. You can also use Bayer Complete or Cyonara.

Asian Cycad Scale

The last problem bug is the Asian Cycad Scale on Sago Palms. If your Sagos have white specks on the top and bottom of the fronds then you have scale. These can be much harder to control since they also live on the root system of the palm. Treat the fronds with a contact insecticide combined with an oil spray to kill and suffocate any eggs. It is also important to drench the root system with the same mixture. Repeat applications every week or two until all evidence of the scale is gone then follow up with Bayer Tree & Shrub Liquid Systemic drench for long term control.


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