Fall’s around the corner;  it’s GARDEN TIME!

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Mid August is the time to make plans for what’s happening in and around your fall garden. Now when I say garden, I’m talking about ALL gardens, not just food gardening. If you’re new to South Texas,  let me just say fall gardening in South Texas is the finest in my world. Cooler, shorter days, a huge selection of flowers, shrubs, trees, veggies, herbs, less bugs, AND less humidity, you get the idea. Here are a few things to do now for the fine weather coming our way soon.

Cull Out the Dead & Almost Dead

Yes it’s harsh and hard to let go of the half baked tomato plant or crispy begonias, but alas a clean bed looks better and makes room for more seasonal plants you will enjoy.

Weed Out Those Weeds

This can be a back breaker, but is so important to remove those nasty grassy weeds that have popped up with the hot weather. You can hoe, pull, spray (carefully) with weed killers like Round Up. Organically you can use and we like to use Horticultural Vinegar which burns the weeds. Still be careful, it burns whatever you spray it on including yourself. Water the area well ahead of time and it will make hoeing and weed pulling easier.

Help Your Soil, Help Your Plants

Life begins with the soil so adding compost to new and existing growing areas will feed your soil which in turn feeds your plants. We use and see great results with Back To Nature Cotton Burr Compost and Nature’s Blend. Using organic matter also helps break up our heavy clay soil. Expanded Shale also does wonders for clay soil. It is pea size clay that helps with aeration and improves moisture retention. The shale separates the soil and absorbs water which is then slowly released back into the soil. Once you add expanded shale, your soil will stay loose for seasons to come.

Trim a Little Here and There

Trimming now will encourage new growth on perennials and other blooming plants like roses, oleanders, and hibiscus.  It cleans up the “summer look” and gives your landscape a fresh makeover.

Add Some Fresh Mulch

Adding mulch will also add to the fresh new look for fall. Hardwood Mulch & Pine Straw are my fav’s.

Feed Your Plants

Late summer is a great time to get back to fertilizing your plants. They are ready for a good dose of plant food to help them recover from the summer heat. Our favorites are Hasta Gro, Plant Tone, Medina Growin Green. These are organic fertilizers that are easy on the plants and the environment. Most important… they work!

Ok now you’re ready for some fine fall gardening time!


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