How to Fuel Your Hungry Hummingbirds

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If you spend any time outdoors and have anything blooming red, there’s a good chance you’ve got hummingbirds buzzing around. It’s that time of year when hummers begin their migratory flight heading south for the winter. We are so lucky to be a fueling stop along their journey.

Coastal areas see the first masses arrive. They are very hungry and need plenty of nectar. Best food for any hummer is through nectar rich blooms.

Turk’s Cap, Firecracker Plant, Shrimp Plant, Red Yucca

Some of their favorites are Firecracker Plant, Firebush, Hummingbird bush, Turks Cap, Shrimp Plant, & Red Yucca. They will go to most anything red/orange (even a colorful Hawaiian shirt!) but not all flowers and flowery shirts have enough nectar to feed them. 

Feeders are good; they need to be changed every few days, cleaned each time with mild soap and thoroughly rinsed. No coloring or artificial sweeteners please. Take time to enjoy this wonderful act of nature, and come see us for your hummingbird plants and feeders!



6 Comments on “How to Fuel Your Hungry Hummingbirds”

  1. After months of trying, I’m finally seeing some hummingbirds! Loving my new hummingbird feeder.

    1. Amy, September is our best hummingbird month. When most hummingbirds migrate through in spring, they have sex on their little bird brains and are in a hurry to get north to claim nesting territory. When they come through in fall, they have raised their little ones and are taking their time headed south, and tend to hang around your feeders or hummingbird plants for a longer visit.

  2. Recently I made a humming bird feeder to feed them in my backyard. I have some beehives there too. Some people said me that, it’s not a good idea to feed humming birds where there are bees. What do you think?

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