Best Tips for Planting Trees this Fall

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Trees, shrubs, and perennials get a great bonus when planted in Fall. South Texas enjoys relatively warm soil temperatures through Fall and Winter, and cooler air temperatures direct the new plant to grow roots all through this time. 

So, a plant put into the ground in Fall will grow twice as fast the following Spring as one planted in Spring due to having developed twice the root system, and it will also suffer much less stress in its first South Texas Summer. 

We are lucky that we can garden year-round here, but Fall is our best season for planting!

Do These for Tree Success:

  • Choose a space suited for the size of mature trees
  • Plant in Fall to benefit from cooler temps & root development. Dig the hole as deep as the container & about 12” wider. Use compost to improve existing soil if needed.
  • Fertilize with Agriform tablets or Plant Tone mixed into soil around the root ball.
  • Mulch around trees & keep grass & weed eaters away from tree trunks
  • Stake trees especially in high wind areas
  • Follow watering directions

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-James and Debbie

2 Comments on “Best Tips for Planting Trees this Fall”

  1. I am assuming Fall is also time to transplant trees. I plan on transplanting a lemon tree from a pot to the ground. It has a few lemons on it already. So would I be doing the right thing by transplanting it now?

    1. Fall is the best time to plant any tree including Citrus. Be sure to add compost to the planting mix and make sure the root ball is level with the surrounding ground once its planted. Mulch the area and do not allow grass to grow near the trunk.

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