Get Your Greens! Sally’s Kale Smoothie Recipe

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Over the years, my trough garden has seen mostly flowers and herbs. I’ve tried tomatoes a few times, but this year I decided to try kale. 

I started eating kale when I read it was the #1 food source for healthy eyes. It wasn’t my favorite tasting green, but I found that it’s great mixed with blueberries in a smoothie. Plus, it’s easy to grow and lasts longer into the season than other greens. 

I planted five kale plants about a month ago, fed lightly with HastaGro weekly, and starting this past week, I’ve had enough production to harvest smoothie greens most mornings! If the plants start looking a little too thin, I supplement with HEB’s organic spinach & kale mix. Yum!

Here’s the recipe:

Blend first:
– 2-3 oz Pomegranate juice
– 2 tbsp Lemon juice
– 3-5 Kale leaves, chopped
– 2 tbsp Ground flax seed
2 tbsp Yogurt

Then add:
– 1.1.5 cup Blueberries, frozen
– 1/2 Banana, frozen
– 1 scoop Protein powder

Sometimes I add fresh grated turmeric too. Hope you enjoy! 

Please share some of your favorite recipes from your garden and we’ll pass some on in our garden blog in preparation for Thanksgiving! Send recipes to

-Sally Gill

7 Comments on “Get Your Greens! Sally’s Kale Smoothie Recipe”

  1. Sally,
    Great information on how to make kale taste good since we know it is so good for you. My favorite Grandkids time is watching them negotiate who gets to make today’s breakfast smoothie with Gramps. And I agree with Michelle… you look beautiful. Must be another kale benefit.

    1. No surprise you’re a smoothie man and for sure THE BEST GRAMPS!! Thank you Robert for your honesty and encouragement – we love having you on our team!! Sally

  2. Sally – looks like a great recipe blend. Do you use plain Greek or vanilla yogurt? All the best you and somehow you’re aging in reverse. You inspire me to do more growing and continue to travel!

    1. I use White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt. I used to use low fat but switched to regular. Not sure if that’s the best for me but it tastes much richer and is only a couple of tablespoons. Thanks so much Emily for the compliment!!

      We started giving donations to our staff’s favorite non-profit a few years back in recognition of their service to Gill’s. We are recognizing 3 staff members with donations to Grow Local + I want to donate in Ted Turner’s name. I will do early next week – I’m sure I can find the mailing address on line – right?

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