You Gotta Do It… Fertilize Now… For A Beautiful Lawn & Garden!

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Feeding your lawn and garden during Fall (mid-September thru early November) provides the nutrients needed for Fall & Winter; AND a healthy start for next Spring.  

While the soil is still warm, plants and lawns are actively growing. They take up and store food, but not so much as it gets colder. Fall fertilizing helps your lawn and landscape look their very best now. Prime time is passing quickly so don’t put this off.  

We highly recommend our Gill Lawn & Garden Fertilizer. Around here we call it Gill Food. It is specifically blended for our area. It combines fast, slow, and organic forms of nitrogen with micronutrients. Think of it as a great meal for your landscape!  

Also high on our list is Medina Growin Green Organic Fertilizer, made from humate, poultry manure, & molasses. It provides balanced nutrient supply, improves soil health, and nutrient availability. 

Both of these need to be watered in to work. So plan to water with at least ½ inch of irrigation. And please don’t wait for it to rain… we all know that’s dependable… or not… LOL

See ya soon!


2 Comments on “You Gotta Do It… Fertilize Now… For A Beautiful Lawn & Garden!”

  1. I’m glad that you mentioned that you should fertilize the lawn in the fall. I would have thought that it should be done in the spring, but it makes sense that the fertilizer will help keep it healthy in the winter. Next fall I’ll make sure to have someone come and fertilize my lawn.

  2. Great reminder!!! Have been putting fertilizing my lawn and plants!!! Our past freeze took out a lot of plants but replacements are strong so glad Gills have a great knowledgeable team to help with all my questions and reminders!!!

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