Hamelia (aka Firebush): Another Winning Landscape Plant!  

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Left: Hamelia Patens; Center: Lime Sizzler Hamelia

What a great diverse shrub for the landscape.  Super easy to grow, drought tolerant, and they are another hummingbird favorite!

Firebush comes in 3 different varieties. Hamelia Patens grows to 6-8 feet tall and wide with reddish leaves and red-orange tubular flowers. Compact Hamelia grows to 4-5 feet tall and wide with the same colored leaves and flowers as the tall variety. Both of these thrive in full sun.

A new variety came out a couple of years ago called Lime Sizzler. It has more of a chartreuse green variegated leaf with orange tubular flowers and works best in morning sun and afternoon shade. It’s a little more cold sensitive but that colorful foliage is worth a place in your landscape!

They’re all fast growing and can be cut back early spring, rebounding quickly.  They bloom from spring through fall catching migrating hummers spring and fall.

We have them all in stock ready to light up your landscape!  


-DeAnna & Debbie


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