Lacebugs on Lantana

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Are your lantana looking rusty brown like a fungus has attacked them? Well it’s not a fungus it’s a lace bug. These are common this time of year to attack lantanas leaving them looking ugly and half dead. This problem is easily fixed by pruning back the ugly plant either one third to half way depending on the damage. Rake up the bad leaves which will be eliminating the majority of the bugs, fertilize with your favorite plant food and water in, then spray with a multi purpose insecticide like Cyonara Lawn & Garden or Organically with Spinosad Insect Control. The plant will quickly recover like nothing ever happened putting on a flush of new growth and blooms.



7 Comments on “Lacebugs on Lantana”

  1. Hi.
    How should get rid of crab grass from st Augustine? I enjoy your newsletter.
    Thank you
    Rebecca Stalcup

    1. You typically get King Ranch bluestem in St. Augustine. You apply Roundup in a very cautious and controlled way (such as a liter soda bottle collar around your sprayer tip, or by a paintbrush), to just the bluestem, and then the surrounding St. Augustine can run back across and cover over the next few months.

  2. I have a honeysuckle that is not blooming. The plant is growing very well but no blooms. Any suggestions?

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