Happy Father’s Day – The Gill’s Team Remembers Gardening with Dad!

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This Father’s Day weekend, several members of the Gill’s team take time to share a fond memory of gardening, landscaping, or just being out in nature with their dads. Happy Father’s Day!


"One of my favorite early memories of my dad was of him out mowing the lawn while I played in the sandbox. I loved how good the grass looked and smelled. I also loved how he took such beautiful care of our mesquite trees, out in front of our home he designed and built for our family."

- Sally Gill


"I remember baling and hauling hay with my dad at his ranch off Highway 59 near Freer, TX. The worst part was the heat – throwing bales onto the truck , then re-stacking them in the barn by hand. The best part was driving the truck!"

- Kevin Lichtenberger

"My father plowed and seeded 45 acres with corn; we had corn for the entire year – corn as far as the eye could see. "

- Tony Lichtenberger


"Some of my best memories are working with my dad in in his garden. He had one of the greenest thumbs I've ever seen. He loved growing fruit trees and all manner of plants. To this day we can still enjoy the fruits of his labor. Love you, Dad."

- Phillip Elbert


My dad always cut the grass, trimmed, and edged perfectly making it look straight and nice. The way he trimmed the bushes always made it look well-organized in the yard.

- Brandon Sanchez


"I grew up in my Dad’s footsteps. He loved to fish so I did too, and every camp out I was right there to help, but mow the yard? That’s where he said absolutely…NO! He always told me I might cut my foot off. As accident prone as I was, he had a point…LOL. The first time I mowed my own yard, I could still here his words of warning, but you better believe I was extra careful and still am…even to this day! Thank you, Dad…Love You So Much!"

- Debbie Pinkerton


"My dad always loved gardening. We have always had fresh vegetables from the yard. Nothing like tomatoes off the vine Christmas morning!"

- Philip Krepel


My dad was a very practical person. Thus, his time in the garden often focused on edibles. As a result, we all enjoyed fresh orange juice, homemade lime sherbet, fresh pomegranates, canned plum and fig jelly, fresh mulberries, and occasionally, fresh shelled pecans. Dad and mom were the perfect match because she had all the right recipes to go with his garden endeavors!

- Grace Buchanan

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One good memory about my dad is how he taught me to chop firewood from one of the hardest trees:  Ebony. 

- Jimmy Chavira

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