Mr. Rogers’ Day of Kindness: Update!

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A few weeks ago, we held an event in the garden center in honor of Mr. Rogers’ Day of Kindness. We gave away small flowering plants to kids for them to give to someone else. We asked the children to tell us about who they chose to give their plant to and why;  here’s what they had to say!

“Mommy, because she makes good spaghetti.”

“Mrs. Garza, because you are my teacher.”

“Gwen, because you are my best friend – love, Abby”

“Ms. Norquist, because you are kind, you are nice, and fun.”

“Mom & Dad, because they care, give me food, provide me with a home, let me go to school, and love me!”

“Mommy, because I love you!”

“Grandma, because its been a long time to see her so I want to give a gift to her.”

“Grandma, because summer is here!”

“Mom, because I love you.”

“Ms. Amanda, because she says Hi.”  -Wyatt

“Mommy, because she is the greatest.” – Bryce

“Mom, because I love you!” – Harlee

“Nonna, because I love you.”

“Rosa & Santos, because _________”

“Sharon, because we love you and appreciate you!” – Olive

“Grandma, because when I cry she makes me feel better.”

“Mom, because we have fun!”

“Miss Carol, because she is great!

“Mom, because she’s nice.”

“Lola, because I love her.”

3 Comments on “Mr. Rogers’ Day of Kindness: Update!”

  1. Christin – So sorry for the late response! Yes, we have a great time sharing our love for gardening and are always looking for any excuse to invite kids to our garden center! We realized once we had sent out the invite that many had not ever been introduced to Mr. Rogers but once we offered the event, I think parents and grandparents shared his goodness with their kids…and so the message continues…Thank you Christin! Sally Gill

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