Houseplant Care Tips with Ori Roldan

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Join us this Saturday, 5/14 at 10:00 am for our first May talk – Houseplant Care Tips! Ori Roldan, houseplant collector/researcher here at Gill’s, will share and demonstrate her best indoor jungle care tips. One attendee will win a $100 Gill’s gift card AND all houseplants are 15% off! Here’s a preview from Ori of some topics she’ll cover. 

Different Plants/Different Light

Classic houseplants like Monsteras, Fiddle Leaf Figs, and Money Trees require bright indirect light to thrive. “Bright indirect” typically means near a window but not directly receiving sun. Think ‘bright overall’ in the room.

Other plants like Dracaenas, Prayer Plants, and African Violets prefer medium light. Think dappled sunlight, a little farther from the window. A sheer curtain can help control brightness.  

Pothos ivy varieties, Peace Lilies, most Hoyas, and Sansevieria can thrive in low light. Low light does not mean no light! Place them several feet away from the light source/window, but where it’s still bright enough to read small print and cast a fuzzy shadow.

More Roots = More Water

Potted plants that have more roots than soil in the pot will require more water (a heavy soaking at each watering). Let plants dry between waterings, for the most part. Some plants will prefer to be watered when they are still lightly moist (ferns, Peace Lilies) while others would like to dry out completely between waterings (Sansevieria, Cordyline glauca). 

Repot When Your Plant is Ready 

Plants will usually tell us when they need to go into a larger pot. If you notice that you’re needing to water daily (or a lot more than usual), your plant might be getting root-bound in its pot. Roots may start to grow out of the drainage holes and  eventually create a tight “root basket” at the bottom of the pot. 

Its time to repot into a slightly larger container, 2 to 4 inches wider in diameter than previous pot. And loosen/unwind any bound roots when you repot. 

Houseplants Need Food Too!

Fertilize your houseplants when they are actively growing. This usually means when they are putting on new leaves or growing noticeably. We love liquid organic Hasta Gro for houseplants – all the nutrients without the fertilizer smell. You can use Hasta Gro  as often as every 2 weeks while you’re noticing growth. 

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  1. Wow, I absolutely loved this article on garden maintenance tips and tricks! As a newbie gardener, I found the advice on pruning and watering schedules super helpful. Do you have any recommendations for dealing with garden pests? I’d love to hear your insights on that.

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